Universal Studios 2003
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This is a wonderfully themed park. Everything about it says class act. All the lines for the rides have a theme that is amazing in it's level of detail and even things like the giant tree restaurant look appropriate on the inside. The rides are impressive and everything about the park is nice. We did the guided tour, which is far more reasonable here than at busch Gardens. It was a group tour, so you didn't have someone to take your picture, but it was a fraction of the price and still gets you to the front of the lines so you don't have to wait to ride. (And as a bonus they give you a DVD of a Universal Movie.) The only possible drawback to this park is the cost of the pictures on the rides. They are double that of every other theme park that I've ever been to.

DSC08435-2 DSC08436-2 DSC08473-2 DSC08494-2
DSC08435-2.jpg         DSC08436-2.jpg         DSC08473-2.jpg         DSC08494-2.jpg        
DSC08495-2 DSC08520-2 DSC08546-2 DSC08550-2
DSC08495-2.jpg         DSC08520-2.jpg         DSC08546-2.jpg         DSC08550-2.jpg        
DSC08556-2 DSC08558-2 DSC08560-2 DSC08567-2
DSC08556-2.jpg         DSC08558-2.jpg         DSC08560-2.jpg         DSC08567-2.jpg        
DSC08575-2 DSC08583-2 DSC08584-2 DSC08589-2
DSC08575-2.jpg         DSC08583-2.jpg         DSC08584-2.jpg         DSC08589-2.jpg        
DSC08591-2 Tracy-on-Incredible-Hulk-2    
DSC08591-2.jpg         Tracy-on-Incredible-Hulk-2.jpg