Our favorite hobby is camping. And we aren't talking about that sissy car camping thing. No Way. Why would we want to stay in a tent we we can have two air conditioners, two TVs, a microwave, VCR and refrigerator. Now THAT is camping. Anyway, if we had more time to get away, we'd be on the road a lot more than we are now probably. Here are a few pictures of some of the places we've been. (well, these are the ones we liked, anyway.)

The RV at Rivers Bridge state park.

Taking the RV for a weekend at Grandma's house

Mcdowell Nature Preserve

Devils Fork State Park

Santee, nice park, but a crappy site. Way out of level and a tree in the way of the awning. (And the tree wasn't even big enough to provide shade.

This was our old travel Trailer on a trip to Santee

Picnic Area at Calhoun Falls state park

As if you hadn't guessed, Rivers Bridge state park

Devil's Fork on Lake Jocassee.

Charlene looking at the view above.

Our beachfront site (almost) at Calhoun Falls state Park

Tracy at Calhoun Falls. (With the lake in the background)

Charlene and Bull in the RV