Our Darling Baby Bull
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What can we say but how wonderful our baby is. He turned 15 on July 24th, but don't tell him that. Also, don't tell him he's a dog. He doesn't know yet. (While he can spell some of his commands, he can't read yet so he won't find out from this page.) Anyway, we don't want to bore you with too many pictures of him, so here's a few of our favorites.

Birthday Pictures from July 24th

DSC00850_JPG_jpg DSC00998_JPG_jpg DSC01049_JPG_jpg DSC01436_JPG_jpg
DSC00850_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC00998_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC01049_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC01436_JPG_jpg.jpg        
DSC01460_JPG_jpg DSC01532_JPG_jpg DSC01972_JPG_jpg DSC02133_JPG_jpg
DSC01460_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC01532_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC01972_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC02133_JPG_jpg.jpg        
DSC02797_JPG_jpg DSC02799_JPG_jpg DSC02814_JPG_jpg DSC02879_JPG_jpg
DSC02797_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC02799_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC02814_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC02879_JPG_jpg.jpg        
DSC02882_JPG_jpg DSC03679_JPG_jpg MISC-0001 MISC-0010
DSC02882_JPG_jpg.jpg         DSC03679_JPG_jpg.jpg         MISC-0001.jpg         MISC-0010.jpg        
MISC-0014 MISC-0015 MISC-0016 MISC-0021
MISC-0014.jpg         MISC-0015.jpg         MISC-0016.jpg         MISC-0021.jpg        
MISC-0030 MISC-0031 MISC-0034 MISC-0049
MISC-0030.jpg         MISC-0031.jpg         MISC-0034.jpg         MISC-0049.jpg